Elsewhere: Russert

Tom Brokaw broke into programming to report Tim Russert had died.

Russert "revolutionized Sunday morning television and infused journalism with his passion for politics," writes the Washington Post.

Earlier today, Russert gave an interview to MSNBC.

Sewell Chan writes up Russert’s New York political ties.

Flags in Buffalo, New York are at half-staff.

The National Press Club defends hosting Larry Sinclair.

Karen Tumulty tries to figure out where smear campaigns start.

Rahm Emanuel is not worried about party unity.

Howard Dean talks to U.S. News & World Report about flag pins.

David Paterson ordered flags to half-staff to honor soldiers.

Chuck Schumer made about $100,000 off his book, although his spokesman says it was less in practice.

Sheldon Silver rides a bike.

Here’s video from Michael Bloomberg’s testimony in Washington D.C. about infrastructure.

Adolfo Carrion kicked off Bronx Week with Scott Stringer by his side.

Elsewhere: Russert