Elsewhere: Vero Possumus, Twitter Debates, The BS Express

John McCain and Barack Obama are having representatives from their campaigns debate on Twitter.

Obama debuted a seal that says "Yes We Can" in Latin.

Obama says unequivocally that he supports the ban on offshore drilling.

Michelle Obama spoke of a "mom friendly" nation in front of a women’s group that included many Hillary Clinton allies.

In addition to Obama and McCain, Clinton will speak at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

Chuck Hagel asks why he wouldn’t consider the V.P. slot.

Chuck Schumer is holding out endorsing in the Staten Island Congressional race.

David Paterson and other elected officials are asking for federal relief for farms hit by a "freak" hail storm this week.

The lettering on the side of the truck Joe Bruno drove yesterday said "BS Express."

Here’s video of Tom Ridge at a Brooklyn fund-raiser earlier this week, rooting for McCain and attacking Obama.

Bill Thompson said there’s an "appalling lack of accountability at the New York City Department of Education."

Betsy Gotbaum wants Bloomberg to restore money for summer jobs.

The Forward looks at who Dov Hikind is and isn’t supporting.

Liz confirms her newspaper hired Glenn Blain for their Albany bureau.

ADDED: Ohio Republicans try to make an issue of Patrick Gaspard’s role with the Obama campaign. Elsewhere: Vero Possumus, Twitter Debates, The BS Express