Eric Adams on Racial Profiling and Black Political Leadership

At a press conference yesterday about racial profiling, State Senator Eric Adams said he thought that if Barack Obama, David Paterson or Malcolm Smith "were sitting in a vehicle in South Jamaica, Queens," they could find themselves victims of racial profiling, like Sean Bell and his friends allegedly were.

After the press conference, I asked Adams to elaborate on what he thinks of the prospect of having Paterson, Smith and Obama (particularly if he becomes president) in positions of prominence.

“I think better of New Yorkers and the country," he told me. "We’ve had all white officials and no one said, ‘Well, it’s time to put a black or Asian or Hispanic.’ It’s what’s the best for New York City."

Adams is also supporting Bill Thompson for mayor, meaning that if his candidate wins, New Yorkers could have African Americans as their mayor, governor and president simultaneously. "I think that it just so happens that Bill Thompson is my candidate for mayor," Adams said, explaining that race wasn’t the reason for his choice. "I think he’ll be the best for New York City.” Eric Adams on Racial Profiling and Black Political Leadership