For New York City Private School Kids, Prom Night Is Like a Dream!

Remember Prom Night?

That hideous dress that you shoplifted from Cache at the local mall? Your awkward date that had that big zit on his nose and you felt too bad to say anything? The Peach Schnapps you drank in the back of your friend’s Volvo before passing out with the rhinestone bobby pins still in your hair? (No? Oops …)

Well according to the New York Sun, tonight’s joint prom night for Collegiate, Browning, Hewitt, Spence and Nightingale-Bamford will be nothing like that either!

For starters, they won’t be sneaking cheap liquor at the local Hyatt. Rather they will be "accepting a drink from a butler carrying glasses of punch on a silver plate" at the Starlight Roof ballroom at the Waldorf.

Afterparties, we’re told, will be held at private lofts rented by parents for the evening and at houses in the Hamptons, which will be guarded by hired security guards. And these, by the way, have waiting lists. (At least it will prepare them for waiting lists at the Soho Club when they get older.)

And they don’t wear tacky ""pimp"-style outfits (long suit jackets and canes) and floor-length gowns with matching tiaras that are de rigueur at many American high schools," but simple tuxedos and cocktail dresses.

Nevertheless, their night will get screwed up just like everyone else’s.

For New York City Private School Kids, Prom Night Is Like a Dream!