Giuliani and GOP Chairman Discussed Rudy 2010, Carbo Stands by Mondello

Rudy Giuliani and his top aide, Anthony Carbonetti met with the New York State Republican Chairman Joe Mondello last week for a little chat about state politics. The meeting took place at the office of Giuliani Partners, at the invitation of Giuliani, according to Carbonetti.

I asked him if the subject of Giuliani for governor came up, since it’s been the subject of some recent speculation.  

"Of course it did," Carbonetti confirmed during a telephone interview yesterday. "But Rudy was like, ‘Lets worry about getting through this cycle.'”

Mr. Carbonetti continued: "Joe said, ‘I’m with you if you want to run.’ You know, the usual stuff." He added, "Rudy said our main focus is winning all the local races we can and getting John McCain elected. And we’ll look at all that when the time is right."

When asked about the meeting, a spokesman for the state party, Matt Walter emailed, "We don’t have any comment on that story."

Carbonetti said the meeting took place to assuage Mr. Mondello’s concerns after stories in the New York Post and Daily News and New York Times speculating that Mr. Giuliani was hoping to replace Mr. Mondello with Mr. Carbonetti.

 "We met with Joe Mondello last week to assure him that I was not trying to become state party chairman," said Mr. Carbonetti. "Rudy felt so horrible, as did I, that that rumor was out there that we called Joe and said, ‘Why don’t you come in.’"

"So we met with Joe to assure him that we’re going to do everything we can to assist the party this year, and next year and any way to help Joe. Joe’s our guy."

Giuliani and GOP Chairman Discussed Rudy 2010, Carbo Stands by Mondello