Giuliani on the Attack

Rudy Giuliani is back on offense.

Giuliani used his familiar offense-defense analogy to attack Barack Obama on a McCain conference call today. The call was intended to once again criticize Obama’s remarks about the role of criminal prosecutions in combating terrorism.

Speaking about Obama, Giuliani said "He thinks that we’re much better off using a defensive approach, using the criminal justice system more than it should."

There was lots of that:

"Senator Obama has a defensive approach to terrorism," he said, and "We move back to a defensive approach the way Senator Obama wants to do it at our peril."

The Obama campaign has said that McCain and his backers are mischaracterizing Obama’s position as a scare tactic, and argue that criminal prosecutions would only be one tool in a toolbox when it came to fighting terror, with intelligence and military components also coming into play.

Giuliani didn’t seem to buy that argument, even when he acknowledged that the perpetrators of the 1993 bombings of the World Trade Center were correctly prosecuted in criminal courts.

"I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be prosecuted," he said. "They should be prosecuted. But for that to be the be all and end all is a mistake."

Giuliani also argued that Obama, in applauding the Supreme Court’s decision to grant habeas corpus rights to Guantanamo detainees, wanted to extend more rights to Osama bin Laden.

"He takes a much softer approach, a defensive approach to terrorism," said Giuliani. Giuliani on the Attack