Graham praises Clinton – and Obama – on day of party unity

It’s difficult to find a Clinton supporter who was as stout during the primary as New Jersey fund-raiser John F.X. Graham, who took his presidential candidate’s loss especially hard.

One of the key members of "the Group" – a conglomerate of Hillary Clinton champions with deep pockets and access to donors with even deeper ones – Graham found it particularly tough to stand at attention within the ranks of Obama backers when the Clinton campaign finally raised the white flag.

In an interview with two weeks ago, the fund-raiser in fact cringed at the idea of making an easy transition to the team of Clinton’s conqueror.

But watching Sen. Clinton and presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama mount the stage at a unity event in the small town of Unity, N.H., Graham today acknowledged the moment.

"Hillary and Barack together have shown great leadership in uniting the party," Graham told, as members of the Group continue to confer with one another regarding their way forward.

Graham praises Clinton – and Obama – on day of party unity