Have a Nice Decade: VH1 Tackles The New Millennium

Tonight, VH1 will present the latest installment of its decades-spanning, nostalgia clip ‘n’ quip series I Love the New Millennium. All your favorite stars—Michael Ian Black! Scott Ian of Anthrax! Um… Michael Ian Black!—will share their insights into the wackiest, most hilarious decade that’s nearly 8/10ths over.

In addition to the obligatory Britney Spears and Friendster references, here are a couple of things we hope they find time crack wise about:

2000: George W. Bush, et al., Petitioners v. Albert Gore, Jr., et al.. What the heck!

2001: 9/11. Who can forget that?

2002: Mount Nyiragongo erupts in Congo destroying 14 villages. Oh, man.

2003: U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Still going strong.

2004: Tsunami in South Asia. That was pretty major.

2005: Hurricane Katrina. The decade’s turning point.

2006: Hussein executed with ‘fear in his face’. The jokes write themselves.

2007: Anti-government protests by monks in Burma turn deadly. Zing!

2008: 18,522 still missing after China quake. Too soon?

Have a Nice Decade: VH1 Tackles The New Millennium