HBO Slates Bored to Death

HBO is is practically boring us to death with their recent projects. Hung, a new show about a man and his second brain, looks kind of cheesy. Snorefest In Treatment is probably getting renewed. And that Scorsese project about the Atlantic City boardwalk? Zzzzz. Appropriately, HBO has just greenlighted a new show called Bored to Death.

The network is planning to shoot a half-hour comedy to pilot about "a Brooklyn writer who nurses a painful breakup by acting out his dream to live as a character out of a Raymond Chandler novel," according to Variety. "As a result, he finds a new lease on life by offering up his services as an inexperienced private eye."

Jonathan Ames, a former New York Press columnist, wrote the pilot and will be an executive producer. Mr. Ames is also in bed with Showtime and developing an essay What’s Not to Love? into a pilot for them.

Casting isn’t set for Bored to Death yet, but they’ll need to get big talents to play the lead roles if it’s going to be worth watching. HBO seems to be getting less like HBO and more like… TV. Get to the fixin’ already, Tina and Rich! HBO Slates Bored to Death