If it’s not going to be Clinton, Pascrell likes Webb for veep

PATERSON – U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-8) didn't hesitate today when asked whom he would like to see presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois choose as his running mate.

"Senator (Jim) Webb, from Virginia," Pascrell told PolitickerNJ.com at a press conference on gas prices inPaterson, which he attended with senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez and Paterson Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres.

"He'd be a great vice president, and you'd always know where he stands," Pascrell said of the freshman Virginia senator, and Vietnam veteran who once boxed Ollver North to earn a controversial loss when the two were in the Marine Corps.

"He's charismatic and he'd listen, but also have his own mindset, his own views," Pascrell said.

A big backer of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) during the primary, Pascrell said he does not believe Clinton wants to be vice president, otherwise she would be his number one pick.

"I just read between the lines and you know I feel very fondly for her, but her campaign did not match her abilities, Pascrell said.

The congressman didn't completely blame her campaign staff for Clinton's loss. Part ofthe problem, he said, is the process.

"I just got a call from friends in Texas who told me they just finished the caucus system out there," Pascrell said. "Whoevercame up withthese loony tune rules needs to seek help." If it’s not going to be Clinton, Pascrell likes Webb for veep