Hills -like Weeds Spinoff in the Works?

It’s not over for Conrad on Weeds! The show’s creator Jenji Kohan wants to make a Hills-like spinoff, according to the E! Online blog Watch with Kristin.

It was time to split Nancy and Conrad up for good, but she isn’t done with Conrad’s story. She’s thinking of taking those characters and slotting them into spinoff, specifically one "that takes place in a pot club…I’d shoot it sort of fake reality-show style. It could be pretty like The Hills!" She says of Conrad & Co.: "I love those characters; I just think those relationships wore themselves out, and I wanted to be true to where the characters were. Truthfully, Heylia and Nancy had nothing more to say to each other. Conrad and Nancy weren’t going to be the loves of each other’s lives, so it was time to move on."

We can only see this working if there’s some kind of Kelly Cutrone-like character (or maybe that’s Heylia?). Hills -like Weeds Spinoff in the Works?