In the Observer: Wolfson, Paterson, Graham, Baghdad

Josh Benson and Jason Horowitz chronicle the process of reconciliation between the Clinton campaign and the Obama campaign, which, they report, began before she conceded, when Howard Wolfson asked staff members if they were interested in working for Obama. 

Azi writes about the trickle-down effect of Obama’s nomination on race in New York politics.

Eliot Brown considers the low expectations that linger over David Paterson, writing, "It’s as if anything he gets done before lawmakers adjourn for the summer is a giant bonus." 

Steve Kornacki talks to Bob Graham about Obama‘s chances in Florida. 

John Koblin, Matt Haber and Felix Gillette report on the lives of roughly 90 American journalists who remain in Iraq.

I have a review of NBC reporter Richard Engel’s new book about the five years he spent in Iraq.  In the Observer: Wolfson, Paterson, Graham, Baghdad