Julia Allison On New Real Estate Show: 'Like, Social Calendar Like Mad'

Star editor-at-large and dating columnist Julia Allison, whom The Observer has called a Manhattan amalgamation of Paris Hilton and Ayn Rand, is a guest on that new CW11 Sunday morning real estate show, NY Residential.

In this sure-to-be-a-classic-of-real-estate-television clip, she and mortgage broker Jeff Appel chat at a Park Avenue restaurant for a segment called Sunday Brunch ("Where each week I sit down and talk with notable New Yorkers and real estate experts," Mr. Appel says.) The Observer got a DVD with the columnist’s interview, in which she is introduced thusly: "With her fingers always on the pulse, Julia Alison lives a celebrity life in New York." Mr. Appel also says: "With her shiatsu never far from her side…"

Then there’s this exchange between the two: "I read on your blog that you live in a 350-square-foot apartment."

"It’s really tiny!"

"You are, like, social calendar like mad."


"So dresses, shoes, coats, winter, summer, and you have a dog. Where does all that go?"

You’ll have to watch for the answer, although in other exchanges Ms. Allison says, "I live on 53rd and Ninth, which is an interesting area. It’s within walking distance to CNN, which I go to almost everyday, and, oh, the [Betsey Johnson] showroom, which I also go to."

Later, over footage of her brushing her hair in the mirror, she says: “OK, I wanted, no matter what, I wanted closets, and I wanted a washer and dryer. And, as you and I both know, that does not exist in New York City–and I also wanted it to be new. Those were my requirements. And so I knew I would have to compromise on something, and what I compromised on was the space. It is tiny!"

Lastly, here’s something that would probably make the Internet’s brain explode if the Internet had a brain (heyo!): the TV show has a behind-the-scenes blog, which includes pretty fantastic posts from NY Residential PR agent Kelly Kreth on Ms. Allison–and also "world’s worst person" Eric Schaeffer. Julia Allison On New Real Estate Show: 'Like, Social Calendar Like Mad'