Lesniak favors Obama-Webb ticket

TRENTON – Asked whom he supportsto run onthe ticket with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, state Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union) said hebelieves the natural pickis U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA.).

"It's not a question of neutralizing (Sen. John) McCain's status as a war hero, it's what Webb adds to Obama to balance the ticket,"Lesniak told PoltickerNJ.com in the Statehouse as he manuevered out ofthe committee he chairs on economic growth this afternoon.

A former Republican and secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan, Webb opposed the war in Iraq and made a public show of his disdain for Presdient George W. Bush when he took office as senator. Lesniak favors Obama-Webb ticket