Lineup for June 25, 2008

John Koblin does a post-Murdoch Wall Street Journal roll call of all those writers and editors who’ve left and says, “it’s fair to say The Journal hasn’t experienced anything quite like this, well, ever.” Plus: The Los Angeles Times‘ Patrick Goldstein launches a blog.

Felix Gillette wonders who will be replacing Tim Russert as NBC’s Washington D.C. Bureau Chief. Whoever fills that role “must continuously grapple with producers in New York to make sure his reporters get plenty of airtime on the morning and evening newscasts.”

Leon Neyfakh tells the tale of Reif Larsen, a “28-year-old Columbia M.F.A. student [who] wrote a novel about a whimsical child from Montana who likes maps, and suddenly all kinds of famous editors in New York were calling his agent, Denise Shannon, and telling her they really wanted to publish it.” Plus: Andrew Wylie snaps up Nabokov, Achebe, and Bolaño.

Plus: Ivy League Slaves of New YorkSummer Phobias ’08Hunter JohanssonArianna Huffington. Lineup for June 25, 2008