Literary Swag Mostly Schwag

The other day, Rachel Harris of The New York Times‘ Paper Cuts blog, posted about some of the silly swag publishers send out to promote books since books alone are, like, so boring.

In an accompanying slideshow, Ms. Harris shows all the great junk, including a handmade mixtape, pictured above, to promote Charles Bock’s Beautiful Children. "We liked the music," Ms. Harris writes. "But that’s not the reason his novel was reviewed on our cover." (Sure, but how does she explain Charles McGrath’s profile, Janet Maslin’s review, and this "Inside the List" column about those very same tapes? Did someone send out a few collages or Papier-mâché projects to his favorite newspaper of record?)

Other items include a matching Cato Institute tie and pocket squre set, a whoopee cushion, and a French Women Don’t Get Fat chocolate bar.

Who said there weren’t rich rewards to be had in the literary life? Literary Swag Mostly Schwag