McCain Camp Fires Back On Public Financing

This morning Barack Obama put up a video on his web site to make the unsurprising announcement that he will not participate in the public financing system–a long-expected development.

Here’s the equally unsurprising reaction from John McCain communications director Jill Hazelbaker:

“Today, Barack Obama has revealed himself to be just another typical politician who will do and say whatever is most expedient for Barack Obama.


“The true test of a candidate for President is whether he will stand on principle and keep his word to the American people. Barack Obama has failed that test today, and his reversal of his promise to participate in the public finance system undermines his call for a new type of politics.

“Barack Obama is now the first presidential candidate since Watergate to run a campaign entirely on private funds. This decision will have far-reaching and extraordinary consequences that will weaken and undermine the public financing system.” McCain Camp Fires Back On Public Financing