McCain delegate quits

An alternate New Jersey delegate for John McCain resigned last month, citing issues that gave him “great pause.”

James Maggs, a Brielle lawyer who was a McCain alternate in the 12th district, sent an email to McCain fundraiser Robin Visconi on May 29, writing that “effective immediately I am resigning whatever position I hold in New Jersey in support of Senator McCain…. I have worked very hard to assist Senator McCain in his Presidential bid, however, after reflecting over a number of issues that have arisen during the past 12-15 months which have given me great pause, I no longer desire to be part of this effort.”

Reached for comment last week, Maggs said that it was “categorically untrue” that he had dropped his support for McCain. After obtained the email yesterday and contacted Maggs again, he said that he had resigned his position as a delegate because of personal issues – not policy differences with McCain.

“I supported Sen. McCain in 2000. I support Sen. McCain today. I have contributed to his campaign and I will vote for him as president and will continue to support him in every way possible,” he said.

Maggs did not go into detail about the personal issues, but said that his law partner had taken a leave of absence and that he no longer had the time necessary to travel to the convention in Minnesota if he was called on.

“I have issues that are unrelated to the campaign, and I cannot devote the time and attention that is required for that position,” he said.

Neither the McCain campaign nor the Republican State Committee disclosed Maggs’ resignation, even though it came six days before the primary election. His name was on the ballot.

Maggs has donated a total of $24,500 to mostly Republican candidates and committees over the last nine years, according to FEC reports. He donated $2,300 to McCain’s campaign committee in February, 2007.

McCain delegate quits