McCain's Beer, Spitzer's Birthday

Pervez Musharraf doesn’t approve of Barack Obama’s policy on Pakistan. [McClatchy]

McCain welcomes Clinton supporters. [Politico]

The Clinton campaign has historic levels of debt. [N.Y.T.]

McCain told an audience at the National Small Business Summit that he will "veto every beer." [CNN]

Fran Powers says he’s cool with the fact that he didn’t get the endorsement of the Independence Libertarian Party. [Staten Island Advance]

Here’s a full report from that meeting. [Serf City]

A Republican who is challenging Republican Assemblyman Greg Ball is facing criticism because he accepted endorsements from both parties. [Albany Watch]

A blogger says the Coney Island politics "took a turn towards the ugly and personal" this week. [Gowanus Lounge]

It’s Eliot Spitzer’s forty-ninth birthday. [Politics on the Hudson] McCain's Beer, Spitzer's Birthday