McCain's New Slogan, More on Skelos and Unions

The pastor at Jenna Bush’s wedding launched a pro-Obama web site that’s also a bit anti-Dobson. [The Trail]

What does John McCain mean by "Country First?" [First Read]

A former Clinton administration official and his wife are leading "Democrats for McCain." [The Swamp]

Here’s new renderings of the plans for Coney Island. [Gowanus Lounge]

Domenic Recchia says he has nothing to do with the internal problems of a nonprofit he directed money to. [Brooklyn Paper]

There’s a new coalition in favor of the property tax cap. [Capitol Confidential]

Dan Janison reports that while the role of unions in Albany will change a bit under Dean Skelos, it’s not going to be a seismic shift. [Spin Cycle]

Choire thinks that Terry McAuliffe is a lot more deserving of scorn than Howard Wolfson is. [Radar

McCain's New Slogan, More on Skelos and Unions