Member Items Still About Who You Know

Even in these days of increased transparency when it comes to the City Council’s appropriation of member items, the process remains, unavoidably, one that rewards people who know people.

For example, the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, a non-profit group whose executive director, William Rapfogel, is married to the Assembly Speaker’s chief of staff, Judy Rapfogel, got $556,250 in member items this year.

The Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center, a group founded and closely associated with Vito Lopez, an Assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic County Leader, got $658,089 in member items.


In the comments section of my original post on these member items, Mendy points out that Leib Glantz, a politically active Satmar rabbi, is a big winner because his group, UJCare, got a $200,000 member item to fund "a variety of services."

Another commenter notes that Domenic Recchia asked for $15,000 for the Kings Highway Beautification Association, a group linked to his longtime friend Joe Sitt, the wave-making developer trying to remake Coney Island.

More to come. Member Items Still About Who You Know