Menendez takes himself, Corzine off VP list


During the primary season, Sen. Bob Menendez’s name circulated as a possible vice presidential pick for Sen. Hillary Clinton.

With Clinton now out of the race and Menendez doing his best jockeying on her behalf to get her on the ticket as Barack Obama’s running mate, the New Jersey senator fielded a question Thursday regarding his filling the role himself as backup to the party’s leading man.

Like Obama, he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning and has a progressive voting record. Unlike the junior senator from Illinois, Menendez possesses many years of Washington experience, including foreign policy credentials. It could be argued that he balances the ticket from a regional standpoint.

Is he interested in the vice presidency? Is he on any Obama short list or has anyone from the campaign approached him?

Menendez responded to the quick succession of questions with a one word answer, "no."

"I’m thrilled to represent the people of New Jersey," said the lawmaker, who campaigned hard for Clinton in New Jersey and elsewhere before her campaign called a cease fire last Saturday and she endorsed Obama.

Menendez also scratched Gov. Jon Corzine off the list of potential vice presidential picks for Obama. "Gov. Corzine could clearly be a good candidate, but he’s interested in being governor," Menendez said.

Menendez takes himself, Corzine off VP list