Morning Memo: Simmons Robbed; Runway Renovated

A suitcase filled with $15,000 worth of Russell Simmons jewelry was reportedly stolen when one of Mr. Simmons’ employees left it in the hallway of a Bleecker Street building for about 30 minutes. [P6]

Heidi Klum says that Project Runway will get a facelift on Lifetime that will include some more catch phrases and a "Hollywood flair." [Forbes via The Cut]

Jennifer Lopez stopped by Obama’s offices to talk about "matters close to her heart." [People]

Calvin Klein, Andre Leon Talley, Anna Wintour, and her boyfriend, Shelby Bryan will host a a Barack Obama fundraiser with Michelle Obama at the Sikkema Jenkins gallery on Tuesday, followed by a private dinner in the home of Calvin Klein. [P6]

Martha Stewart says that Paul Newman will always be Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy to her. [Us Weekly]

Two’s a trend! Actresses like Mischa Barton are apparently ditching their bras. Even the female seductress in Dennis Leary’s wife’s new book (supposedly based on Elizabeth Hurley), forgets to wear one. [NY Daily News, NY Daily News] Morning Memo: Simmons Robbed; Runway Renovated