See television’s best TV-ad parodies

Saturday Night Live has had its radical ups and downs over the years (33!), but it has almost always managed to get its commercial parodies right. One of our personal favorites, “First Citiwide Change Bank,” a spot about a bank that, well, makes change (“ ‘How do you make money doing this?’ . . . Volume”), had us laughing all over again when we found it ranked at No. 7 in Nerve’s newly assembled list (with video) of the 50 Greatest Commercial Parodies of All Time.

The list features one gem after another from a variety of comedy shows — SNL’s Jewess Jeans, Dave Chappelle’s demented Samuel Jackson pitching his namesake beer, MADtv’s satire of Zoloft. Thanks to comedy writers and directors like Jim Downey and Jim Signorelli, both of SNL, we often remember these nonexistent, patently bizarre products (do not taunt the happy fun ball) far better than all that real stuff TV advertises.

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