Novick denies running for Hunterdon County Democratic Chairman

Joey Novick today “denied” that he’s running for Hunterdon County Democratic Chairman (the quotes were his idea).

“In New Jersey politics, the more that you deny it, the more it becomes solid that you’re doing it,” said Novick.

Novick, an attorney/stand up comedian/blogger who chaired the county party between 1996 and 2000, has come across several people under the impression that he’s running to replace outgoing chairman David Del Vecchio in tonight’s election, despite his repeated denials.

Novick said that the denial strategy seems like a great way to run a campaign, in case he ever decides to make another attempt at office in his native Flemington, where he served as a councilman between 1995 and 2006.

“The next time I decide to run for something I will deny it even more vehemently,” he said.

But even one of the prospective candidates for chair aren’t exactly sure who’s running. Party Vice-Chair Lois Zarish wouldn’t say definitively whether or not she’ll seek the post tonight.

“Let’s see what happens tonight. It sounds like I am,” she said.

Novick said that he was under the impression that Party Secretary Janice Kovach would seek the position. Kovach could not immediately be reached for comment, but Zarish said that, as far as she knows, Kovach is not running.

Novick denies running for Hunterdon County Democratic Chairman