Now Obama Strikes in the Fight for the Anti-Anti-Woman Vote

John McCain’s reversal over whether to allow controversial oilman Clayton Williams to hold a fund-raiser for him has prompted a new shot from the Obama campaign.

“The only thing more insulting than John McCain’s willingness to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash raised by Claytie Williams is his attempt to get away with it by simply changing the venue of his fundraiser. It’s clear that John McCain is more concerned with dealing with a ‘perception problem’ than in condemning these despicable remarks or in living up to the straight talk reputation he brags about,” said Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan in a statement just sent out to reporters.

Williams once made a remark making light of rape when he was running for governor against Ann Richards, and the Obama campaign is arguing that McCain canceled the event to win favor with women voters loyal to Hillary Clinton. And that after holding a virtual town hall with many of those voters, he switched his position.

The Obama campaign points to a story in the Houston Chronicle that says that the fund-raiser, originally canceled, had been postponed until the summer and would be held in a public venue, not Williams’ home. Now Obama Strikes in the Fight for the Anti-Anti-Woman Vote