Ober Aide Says His Email Account Was Hacked

Two days ago, I wrote about an email, sent from the account of campaign aide Sam Esposito, saying that the City Council campaign he worked on was a “success” because it prevented another candidate, one favored by the Queens County Democratic Organization, from winning.

Today, the aide, Sam Esposito, said that the email did indeed come from his account, but that he didn’t write it. He said that his account was hacked into by someone who wrote the email, which was eventually forwarded to me.

“I have my feelings about Queens County but I wouldn’t put them online,” Esposito told me. Esposito said people have hacked into his email account before, and that he was recovering from a minor injury last week and wasn’t checking his computer — or presumably, his contact number, where I left him a message before I ran the post — so he only learned of the email today.

The candidate who Esposito works for, Charles Ober, also denied any association with the email.

“I worked very hard and I expected to win,” Ober told me.

Instead, Republican Anthony Como beat Democrat Liz Crowley, who had the county backing, by only a handful of votes–and most likely, it didn’t help Crowley’s chances that Ober, a Democrat, was also in the race. When asked whether he took any satisfaction in what happened, Ober said no.

“This was about me running and winning,” he said. When asked about another idea expressed in the email–that he would try to oust Assemblyman Cathy Nolan, a member of his political club, which supported Crowley–Ober declined to comment.

Also, for what it’s worth here: a Queens blog said the email didn’t look like something Esposito or Ober would write.

Ober Aide Says His Email Account Was Hacked