'One of the Worst,' 'Still the One'

John McCain said the Supreme Court decision on Guantanamo was "one of the worst decisions in the history of this country." [W.S.J.]

State Senator John Sabini, a threatened incumbent, is reportedly going to be appointed as a senior adviser to David Paterson on issues of the Racing and Wagering Board. [Capitol Confidential]

Marc Ambinder explains the Obama campaign’s staffing. [Atlantic]

Michael Bloomberg isn’t sure he can maintain the property tax cut. [Liz]

Representative John Hall would like McCain to stop using the song "Still the One," which Hall, an Obama supporter, wrote and performed while he was in the band Orleans. [Albany Project]

A blogger speculates that Adolfo Carrion has an eye on working for Barack Obama. [West Bronx News]

  'One of the Worst,' 'Still the One'