O’Toole salutes Christie-Beck as ‘dream ticket’

State Sen. Kevin O'Toole (R-Essex) on Wednesday stepped out in front of the back-static regarding a pairing of U.S. Attorney Chris Christie with state Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth)for GOPgovernor/lt. governor in 2009.

"I think it's a dream ticket," said O'Toole. "If Chris Christie decides to run, Iexpect Jen Beck to be consideredin what would be an ideal combination of law enforcement, ethics and government transparency."

O'Toole recalled as "gutsy" Beck's drubbing out of of office of state Sen. Ellen Karcher last year.

"She took on Dick Codey's $5 million onslaught and came up with a victory," said the state senator. "She has been vetted and she has been tested. In the Senate so far she has made a Godzilla-like imprint."

In other Republican Party news, O'Toole this week faced the ouster of Rob Ortiz, his friend and ally, as Bergen County Republican chair. Ortiz suffered party payback for his meltdown selection earlier this year of Andy Unanue as aU.S. Senate candidate.

"He was not my (political) creation," O'Toole, the long-serving GOP chairman of the Essex County Republican Party, said of Ortiz. "He was the finance chair long before (he allied directly with O'Toole as chair).

"I couldn't take credit for his victory,nor can I take credit for his loss," the senator added.

O’Toole salutes Christie-Beck as ‘dream ticket’