Perkins on the Solution to Clinton's 'Problem'

State Senator Bill Perkins of Harlem, an early, vocal Obama backer, told me yesterday that Clinton’s exit speech was a “giant step” toward winning back the affections of the Obama supporters who were offended by her pre-concession tactics, but that it should be seen as a “beginning.”

”Less visible and less dramatic efforts need to be part of it,” said Perkins.

He said he expected her to continue to pressure disaffected supporters, especially women, to back Obama. And, in a bit of analysis that’s sure to thrill Clinton supporters, he cast the outreach as the first step in a sort of twelve-step program to political rehabilitation.

“At some point you have to recognize you have a problem,” said Mr. Perkins. “Once you recognize that and say ‘I have to repair that, I have to regroup,’ you can fix it.” Perkins on the Solution to Clinton's 'Problem'