Meet the Internet’s most watchable, unpretentious dancer

Think about how a movie is itself a special effect: A sequence of still images flashes rapidly, convincing your brain that you’re actually looking at, say, a steel locomotive hurtling at you, a giant ape climbing up the Empire State Building, or a stick figure made from pipe cleaners joyously dancing to pop songs.

That last concept is all that David Bessler’s website offers, and yet it’s somehow enough to keep us occupied for an insanely long time. Choose from one of seven songs (like OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson” or Kenny Loggins’s “Footloose”), then type on the top three rows of your keyboard or move your mouse over the onscreen icons to cycle through a series of pictures of a pipe-cleaner man in all manner of boogie-down poses (some of which only a pipe-cleaner man should attempt). You can create elaborate choreography for your dancing avatar, but you’ll be surprised at the way random keystrokes can generate a pretty plausible routine. Maybe you’ll pick up a few new moves yourself.

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