Quinn on Rent Guidelines Board: 'Predictable and Silly'

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a former housing advocate, is no fan of the Rent Guidelines Board. The panel convenes every year to set the amount that landlords can raise rents on rent-controlled and rent-stabilized apartment.

The event has been known to draw outrage from critics, but that does little to affect the actual decision-making process.

In prepared remarks Quinn is expected to make before the group tomorrow, which I was able to see in advance, that’s pretty much what the speaker says:

“The R.G.B. has become a sideshow, a predictable and silly display that holds no regard either for the residents or their circumstances."

Quinn is also expected to make the case for reforming the R.G.B., a topic addressed in a bill championed by State Senator Tom Duane.


Quinn on Rent Guidelines Board: 'Predictable and Silly'