Rapper KRS-ONE Loves Obama, Powell, Not a Single Incumbent

Here’s rapper KRS-ONE (of the famed South Bronx-Queensbridge feud), who joined a rally on the City Hall steps today to protest cutbacks in public funding for community groups that serve young people.

Afterwards, I asked him a few questions about politics, and specifically, Barack Obama.

“I think Barack Obama’s candidacy to the White House can accomplish everything that every other candidate claimed they were going to try to fix, and could not," he told me. He went on to say that Obama’s candidacy was “great for America” because the country “has risen to this level that it can accept a black man in the White House.”

He’s less a fan of any elected official currently in office (except, presumably, Senator Barack Obama).

“Every political leader, to date, that actually holds office, is incompetent,” he said. “Look at your city. This is proof of your incompetence. So, for me, I’m looking for a competent representative of my tax dollars and my interests as a citizen.”

Who would he like to see in office?

Kevin Powell,” he said. “I’d put my vote behind Kevin Powell.”


Rapper KRS-ONE Loves Obama, Powell, Not a Single Incumbent