Releasing the Delegates, Rethinking the Rockaways

Hillary Clinton is reportedly releasing her delegates to Barack Obama. [Ambinder]

City Limits posts a long piece about development in the Rockaways. [City Limits]

Barack Obama says he does not feel the need to vet his V.P. search committee. [The Swamp]

The pool report from Obama’s tour of a hospital this morning makes it sound like a good time all around. [The Swamp]

Planned Parenthood will endorse Obama, slowly. [Ben]

David Paterson announced plans for a new coal plant in the western part of the state. [Albany Watch]

Obama has sent the McCain campaign a counterproposal to their suggested 10 town hall debates. [Politico]

Josh Marshall isn’t sure that Jim Webb would be a good running mate for Obama. [T.P.M.]

New York’s tiniest land mass is named for a former U.N. secretary general. [New York Shitty] Releasing the Delegates, Rethinking the Rockaways