Return to Pennsylvania, What McCain Really Wants

Barack Obama became president of the Harvard Law Review partly by "convincing the conservative minority of law students that he would treat them fairly." [Politico

Obama will “likely” appear with Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. UPDATE: Or not. [Ambinder

Joe Biden has no need to be coy. [CNN

Obama’s huge lead in a recent Newsweek poll is built in part on changing party affiliation. [First Read]

Joe Klein has it that McCain really wants Tom Ridge, Jeb Bush or Mel Martinez to be his running mate. [Swampland]

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn is disappointed that the Supreme Court declined to hear an eminent domain lawsuit related to Atlantic Yards. [Brownstoner

Why did David Paterson offer Darrel Aubertine the chairmanship of the Power Authority? [Spin Cycle]

It turns out the city needed the dock that it paved to make an Ikea parking lot. [Post

The publisher behind Unfit for Command is releasing a book on Obama this summer. [A.P.]

The high school sophomore who organized an attempt to make the largest human peace sign "says the effort was a show of support for world peace, not just an attempt at a record." [Herald Record

Here’s what it looked like, in Ithaca this weekend. [Ithaca Journal]

Someone has taken a speech by Tish James at a rally for affordable housing and put it to music. [Footprint Gazette]

The New York Times is embracing staff iPhones. [Radar] Return to Pennsylvania, What McCain Really Wants