Romney's Chemistry, Diaz's Support, Corzine's Budget

Mitt Romney is apparently a favorite to be John McCain’s running mate–the main problem is the "lack of personal chemistry." [Politico]

McCain’s Truth Squad is "not as much about truth-squadding as about finding their own equivalence to the Muslim and anti-American myths being spread about Obama," writes Jonathan Martin. [J.M.]

The Rocky Mountain West states could go to either presidential candidate. [Denver Post]

Jon Corzine defends New Jersey’s budget. [PolitickerNJ]

It looks like State Senator Ruben Diaz is getting the support of the "powers that be." [Liz]

After pressure from Dan Squadron, Marty Connor is going to disclose his financials. [Capitol Confidential]

The Westchester G.O.P is running realtor Anthony Pilla, who lost a City Council race last year, against Assemblywoman Amy Paulin. [Politics on the Hudson]


Romney's Chemistry, Diaz's Support, Corzine's Budget