Schumer's Bill, Cuomo's Ambitions, Chan's Sweatbands

Tony Rezko says the feds pushed him for dirt on Barack Obama.

The McCain campaign goes after a different member of Obama’s V.P.
search team.

Obama is co-sponsoring Chuck Schumer’s foreign lobbying bill.

Christopher Potter Stewart hopes McCain won’t take Schumer’s bait.

Greg Meeks will be challenged by Ruben Wills, a Barack Obama supporter.

Garrison Keillor holds forth on Obama.

The difference between the number of Americans who want Democrats to control Congress and those who want Republicans to control Congress is extraordinarily large. (via Ambinder)

Carl McCall tried to resign from the SUNY Board of Trustees.

There might be reform of the public authorities soon, according to Eliot Brown.

After negotiations, the unions get behind the Willets Point redevelopment project.

In the comments section, Barry Popik proofreads a flier.

On the occasion of Kevin Sheekey’s birthday, Mike Nieves hopes someone gets him a phone he’ll actually answer.

Republican congressional candidate Lee Zeldin is out with a biographical spot.

Councilman-elect Anthony Como stopped by City Hall.

Paul Newell and Norman Siegel joined protesters unhappy with Michael Bloomberg’s construction policy.

Sewell Chan does an analysis of some city-issue workout gear.

Anybody want to guess what Dominic Recchia said to Mike McMahon?

Frank Lautenberg’s Republican challenger, unlike Lautenberg’s Democratic challenger, refuses to make age an issue. (Lautenberg is 84.)

Andrew Cuomo did not deny the possibility of running for mayor of New York City.

Possibly relatedly, Cuomo continues to make the fund-raising rounds on behalf of other Democrats.

Lou Dobbs did not deny the possibility of running for governor of New Jersey. Schumer's Bill, Cuomo's Ambitions, Chan's Sweatbands