Skelos Says He Has to Think Statewide Now

Last night, newly minted State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos explained to reporters that his priorities may shift now that he’s representing a statewide conference, and not just his Long Island district.

Speaking at a press conference, he said, “Of course I have a responsibility to my constituency–I’m elected to in the Ninth Senatorial District, but I think David Paterson has shown, as he moved from being the minority leader to lieutenant governor and now governor, that your responsibilities perhaps change a little bit, and you have to amend your ways a little bit.”

One of the accomplishments Skelos highlights in his biography is that he wrote the law ending what he called the "unfair and onerous" commuter tax, which cost the city millions of dollars in lost revenue.

As for his relationship with Michael Bloomberg, Skelos said last night, “Certainly I will call him. I have not yet because I thought it would be presumptuous to make that call before the conference made the decision to elect me.” Skelos Says He Has to Think Statewide Now