'Socialistic' Obama, DFNYC's Endorsement

Andrew Cuomo talks about media coverage and his father, but not his political future. [Capitol News]


Barack Obama is up in the swing states. [The Page]

Texas Governor Rick Perry refers to Obama as "socialistic." [Jonathan Martin]

Blogger Bouldin tries to figure out DFNYC’s counterintuitive endorsements. [Daily Gotham]

Members of the oil industry aprove of John McCain’s energy plan. [Houston Chronicle]

The Palm Beach Post looks at Charlie Crist’s shifting stance on the offshore drilling ban. [Q Blog]

McCain’s position on offshore drilling resonates in New Jersey, where it might be in the future. [PolitickerNJ]

Marc Ambinder looks at how different (or not) McCain and Obama’s positions are on Guatanamo. [Atlantic]

On The View, Michelle Obama complements Hillary Clinton. [Washington Wire]

And fist-jabs all the cohosts. [Gawker]

  'Socialistic' Obama, DFNYC's Endorsement