State Senate Supports Tougher Penalties for Drunk Drivers

The Republican-controlled State Senate unanimously passed three bills that toughen penalties for drunk driving convictions, which Majority Leader Joe Bruno said "occurs all too frequently in our society."

Among the people who voted for the three bills was Democrat John Sabini, who pleaded guilty to driving while impaired in Albany last year. His challenger, Councilman Hiram Monserrate, has criticized Sabini for not taking a harder line against drunk driving.

The first bill upgrades penalties for drivers who injure or kill someone while driving under the influence. The second bill mandates a one-year license suspension for anyone convicted of D.W.I. The last bill extends liability to anybody who serves alcohol to someone under 21.

According to a spokesman for the State Senate, the first bill passed 59-0, while the other two bills passed 60-0. Sabini voted in favor of all three. State Senate Supports Tougher Penalties for Drunk Drivers