Stewart Says He Is 'Bringing Home the Resources'

Here’s a flier going around the neighborhood (that is, Flatbush-Ditmas Park) promoting a concert fund-raiser for Councilman Kendall Stewart, who is running for State Senate.

Note the first campaign slogan listed under "Stewart 2008" is “Bringing Home the Resources.”

Which is sort of a bold theme, in light of the fact that two of his legislative aides were arrested for pocketing money intended for a nonprofit in the neighborhood. Stewart was not implicated in the matter.

Since news of the City Council slush fund scandal broke, member items have been under scrutiny. As Diane Cardwell wrote last month, members’ discretionary spending is "becoming a campaign issue."

UPDATE: A reader notes there’s a typo in the flier, which says that Stewart will bring home the "recourses."

UPDATE II: Another typo. The flier misspells Kendall’s last name, referring to him as "Stewert." Stewart Says He Is 'Bringing Home the Resources'