Teachers plan statewide protest at legislative offices

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) will conduct mass demonstrations on Friday at the offices of thirty State Senators to protest legislation they say targets teacher and school employee pensions. NJEA officials say that thousands of union members will participate.

“We stand ready to work with the Legislature to root out the real causes of pension abuse and corruption that genuinely harm the state’s finances,” said NJEA President Joyce Powell. “But we will not tolerate – not now, not ever – any attempt to scapegoat teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, crossing guards, and other school employees for sins they have never committed.

NJEA members are sending legislators a message, Powell said: “We aren’t the problem. Craft legislation that eliminates the abuse you have tolerated for so long, and don’t target innocent people who educate New Jersey’s kids and keep them safe.”

Ten Senators are not included in the demonstrations, which are targeted at Senators who either support or haven’t taken a position on the bill: Diane Allen, Bill Baroni, Shirley Turner, Richard Codey, Ronald Rice, Sandra Cunningham, Nicholas Sacco, Brian Stack, John Girgenti and Loretta Weinberg. Teachers plan statewide protest at legislative offices