The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

A beautiful tour of the beautiful homes of Flatbush. [Forgotten-NY via Brownstoner]

Fresh list of the cities with the best quality of life. New York’s not on it. [BusinessWeek]

BREAKING! Lower East Side changing… Not everyone happy… Some people happy… Developing[NY Times]

The anonymous benefactor of St. Brigid’s Church in the East Village remains, well, anonymous. [City Room]

When reporting about Ridgewood, please get it right. [Queens Crap]

A stretch of 34th Street may be named in honor of R.H. Macy. But only for a month? [City Room]

Paterson announces plan to keep city’s OTB branches going. [Politicker]

Diehards and vengeance: ‘Tonight, some East Villagers will gather outside Bruce Willis’ Bowery Wine Co. to protest yuppies, wine bars, real estate developers and the general loss of the gritty character of the neighborhood.’ [Curbed]

The Afternoon Wrap: Friday