The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

A pioneer of Brooklyn’s construction boom and mini-starchitect Robert Scarano is facing charges of falsifying information on building permits for two of his projects in Greenpoint. [City Room]

Christopher Hitchens laments the imminent demise of the last vestiges of bohemia in the Village, though rather curiously St. Vincent’s is central to his narrative. [VF]

As aspirational consumers feel the crunch of recession, consignment shops are reaping the benefits. [NY Times]

A glimpse of the water flowing from Olafur Eliasson’s exhibit at Pier 35 before the waterfall officialy turns on in two weeks. [Curbed]

Pratt students weigh in on how to save mom-and-pop shops in the East Village. [TRD]

Unfortunately Sex and the City is not just a fairy tale. The real estate prices are real. [NY Sun]

Dinner out seems to be one of the last extravagances New Yorkers relinquish in a recession. [Zagat via Eater] The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday