The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

New York City’s first IKEA is giving away freebies at the grand opening a week from today. They have to lure people to Red Hook somehow. [Racked]

Emirati real estate developers have turned to American celebrities to solve the problem of having so much money, so little taste, and no globally recognized famous people to compensate. [WSJ]

They are also snapping up our most famous buildings. [Daily Intelligencer]

A French Morgan Stanley executive shelled out $10 million for a condo at 15 Central Park West. How many investment bankers can one building have? [TRD]

Fro-Yo shops are battling banks and drug stores to take over the streets of Manhattan, ensuring New Yorkers remain weight-conscious, slightly buzzed, overspending consumers. [Grub Street]

The who’s-who of New York City real estate feted resigned DOB chief Patricia Lancaster today, because nothing takes away the sting of being scapegoated like a good party. [City Room]

Boy George will put on a show for sanitation workers as part of the community service he was sentenced to after being busted with massive amounts of coke. [Gothamist] The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday