The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

After Steve Roth essentially told a City Councilwoman to ‘piss off’ when she asked him not to boot Key Foods from Vornado’s project in the Bronx’s Soundview neighborhood, he appears to be softening his position a bit. [Neighborhood Retail Alliance]

The Circle Line is launching a weekly, Wednesday night booze cruise for New Yorkers. [NY1]

In another weekly Wednesday night fete across the bridge, Greenpoint’s Studio B will host a rooftop barbeque with the help of some culinary heavy-hitters. [Grub Street]

Paramount has bought the film rights to The New York Times story about the Upper East Side apartment with imbedded clues, now dubbed the "Da Vinci Code House." Hopefully it will be better than the big-screen version of the Dan Brown novel, and for that matter the book itself. [Gothamist]

Just when you thought it was impossible for the Department of Buildings to be subject to anymore media scrutiny, City Room picks it apart for failing to hop on the bottled water backlash bandwagon with the rest of the token environmentalists in city government. [City Room]

Here are some renderings of what San Domenico’s newer, hipper, Madison Square Park incarnation, SD26, will look like–complete with scantily clad models to deter unattractive diners. [Eater]

Goldman Sachs tells its first-year analysts: ‘Congratulations! You’re not being fired.’ Just graduating from an accelerated training program they had no idea they were participating in. [Dealbreaker] The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday