The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Lehman Brothers says it expects its first-ever quarterly loss as a public company. [Dealbook/NY Times]

Crane turntable’s second life is an issue in the construction accident on May 30. [NY Times]

At the city’s Off Track Betting parlors, Belmont was tinged with anxiety as the 60-plus OTB branches in the five boroughs enter what could be their final week. [NY Times]

For apartment owners who ultimately plan to sell, the rules of renovation are simple: simple layouts, basic colors, and big-name appliances. [NY Times]

Built in 1892 as a home for abused girls, one of Manhattan’s newest landmarks at 307 East 12th Street blends elements of a club, a tenement, and an institution. [NY Times]

Burrowing underground is the latest trend in climate control, and keeps buildings cool in more ways than one. [NY Times]

The latest owners of an East Village condo with a star-studded past have put it on the market with a price tag far above the one Britney Spears was able to fetch. [NY Times]

An Upper East Side pre-school lures Law and Order‘s Mariska Hargitay from her duplex penthouse downtown. [NY Times]

Manhattan’s apartment market set records again in May, with more sales over $4 million than ever before. [NY Times]

Not only are mortgages harder to come by in today’s market, but homeowners are learning that their existing lines of credit can be eliminated at the lender’s whim. [NY Times]

Q & A: The right to read the Co-Op board meeting minutes. [NY Times]

Dick Zigun supported the redevelopment of Coney Island and was even willing to sacrifice some of the amusement park’s seediness in the process, but he drew the line at turning it into a giant mall. [NY Times]

The layers of the city’s past are all present in New Yorkers’ heads on a new online venture that maps the city’s memories. [NY Times]

Upper East Side residents are banding together against the banners that hang like "dirty laundry" from lampposts in the neighborhood. [NY Times]

Real estate and mortgage self-help books have emerged as a popular genre in the housing crisis. [NY Times]

The city said there could be an investigation into news that Dick Zigun lives on the second floor of Coney Island USA’s headquarters. [NY Post]

Five firms have been chosen to submit bids for a $1 billion West Side park and boulevard design. [NY Post]

More than three decades after a pair of Maltese falcons was stolen from a war memorial in Central Park, they will come home to roost. [NY Post]

A public interest brief is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project. [NY Sun]

New York State’s wine region moves toward more expensive grapes. [NY Sun]

In the "exburbs" wealth is evaporating as fuel costs clobber McMansion and SUV makers. [Bloomberg] The (Big) Round-Up: Monday