The Morning Read: Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Hillary Clinton supporters want to boycott news outlets they say covered the campaign unfairly.

John McCain told people at a town hall forum in Manhattan last night that Washington needs the right kind of change.

Stuart Rothenberg says a McCain victory may hurt Republicans.

The Wall Street Journal writes about the media gaffes this election cycle.

Paul Schindler writes, “The case for a Clinton vice-presidential bid, meanwhile, has not yet addressed the damage it would do to the Obama political ‘brand.’ ”

Jennifer Steinhauer looks at Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, who are backing different presidential candidates.

Michael Bloomberg is donating $60 million over two years.

Bloomberg said he’s not going to run for governor.

David Paterson is a little frustrated with Albany.

Joe Bruno is siding with the teachers union in opposing the property tax cap.

Negotiations are underway for a state takeover of OTB.

Ex-legislator Diane Gordon was sentenced to two to six years in prison for bribery.

Gordon said to the judge, “Any leniency the court extends would be greatly appreciated.”

Republicans in Albany are supporting an independent against Democratic Assemblyman Jack McEneny.

The mayor of Elmiria is challenging Republican State Senator George Winner.

Andrew Cuomo is cracking down on pharmacies that sell expired goods.

Charles Bagli looks at the problems facing sports construction projects in the city.

Ruben Diaz, Jr., Hakeem Jeffries and Jose Peralta want a public hearing on the Yankees stadium financing.

Democratic Assemblywoman Michele Titus is facing a primary challenge. 

Chuck Schumer is supporting a bill that helps actors.

Tom Ognibene said he’s collecting signatures for another run at City Council.

Alicia Colon doesn’t like to be stereotyped as a Republican.

The New York Post editorial board thinks Anthony Weiner is using his model legislation just to get press.

Brooklyn Paper dreams of having Wal-Mart in the neighborhood.

And there’s a gay pride event in Harlem tonight.
The Morning Read: Friday, June 13, 2008