The Morning Read: Friday, June 20, 2008

Barack Obama’s decision to opt out of public financing may be the “biggest threat” to the decades-old program, writes the New York Times.

The Times editorial board is not happy about his decision.

Ben doesn’t think that Obama’s decision was out of character.

John Edwards and Sam Nunn are reportedly on Obama’s short list of potential running mates.

Ted Sorenson thinks Obama should pick Chuck Hagel.

Hillary Clinton may not recoup the $11 million she loaned her campaign.

Gay City News runs a column by Kelly Jean Cogswell where she writes, “Hell, I wish Hillary had a nuclear bomb in her [***].”

David Brooks says Obama is “the most split-personality politician in the country today.”

The National Review tries reminding folks that Obama is a “a politician, not a messiah.”

The Wall Street Journal profiles David Plouffe.

Kevin Sheekey talks about Michael Bloomberg’s appeal as a V.P. candidate, but Doug Muzzio remains unimpressed.

Lobbyists are being drawn into the slush fund scandal.

The meeting of the Rent Guidelines Board last night was “the epitome of chaos,” according to Manny Fernandez.

David Mack backed off his support for giving a free E-ZPass to M.T.A. board members.

Which doesn’t spare him the wrath of Clyde Haberman.

Here’s Albany’s plan for dealing with the foreclosure crisis.

David Paterson envisions a role for the N.R.A. in state government.

Vito Fossella’s court date was postponed.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown denies rumors he’s stepping down.

City lawyers issued subpoenas to obtain videos made by a protest group.

Joel Klein wants the city to certify teachers.

Signs of the slowing economy are starting to appear in New York, reports the Times.

Al Sharpton has attorney Zachary Carter helping him deal with a federal probe.

And Chuck Schumer will play Chuck Schumer on Law and Order.

The Morning Read: Friday, June 20, 2008