The Morning Read: Friday, June 27, 2008

Michael Bloomberg and the City Council reached a deal on a $59.1 billion budget that will maintain cuts to property taxes and restore education spending.

Social service programs saw their funding cut.

The Council decided to forgo some of their discretionary spending to preserve money for schools.

The New York Sun is delighted that the budget avoids tax increases.

Code Pink showed up to protest the meeting between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington last night.

In a speech yesterday, Clinton expressed support for Obama three times.

Obama donated $2,300 of his personal money to Clinton’s campaign.

They flew to Unity, New Hampshire together.

A Time poll shows Obama leading McCain, 43-38.

The A.P. talks to Kansas Governor and rumored V.P. possibility, Kathleen Sebelius.

Michelle Obama expressed support for gay rights.

The federal inquiry into the City Council’s slush fund scandal could end in 90 days.

In an interview, Andrew Cuomo defended the deal he made with credit-rating agencies–he’s also compared to his predecessor.

Ray Kelly spoke to a meeting usually attended by politicians, or those looking to run for office.

State police want David Mack’s uniform.

Joe Bruno is fondly remembered in his district, which got lots of money from him.

Two Democrats want his seat.

Republican Serf Maltese remains optimistic, despite Bruno’s departure.

Roger Stone is paying for his political activity.

According to Rick Karlin, 811 bills were passed in Albany this year.

Bloomberg said the new Waterfalls art installation will help the city’s economy.

Juan Gonzalez wants to know why unions support Bloomberg’s plan for Willets Point.

Josh Gerstein looks at the Supreme Court’s ruling on campaign finance.

Anthony Como is now running for the City Council seat he just won, apparently “due to some quirky election laws.”

Charles Barron defends Robert Mugabe to Clyde Haberman.

And Mugabe isn’t criticized by Thabo Mbeki, because of their long and complicated relationship.

The Morning Read: Friday, June 27, 2008